Roni (Tamar Alkan Meushar) arrives
at the emergency room to be at the side of her father
(Zeev Revah) who is suffering from severe pain. The long wait leads to a loaded encounter, forcing her to deal with the difficult questions he poses to her regarding their relationship.

About the Movie

“Last Respect” is a film that relates my personal narrative as a daughter accompanying her father to the emergency room on his last day of life. The film explores the complex relationship between child and ill parent relative to one of the most important current issues in Israel: overcrowding in the emergency room. Although based on my personal story, “Last Respect” is the story of many others in emergency rooms on any given day. It presents the situation faced by the weakest people in society, those who have difficulty in making their voice heard, those who are unable to make their voice heard, or those who have no one to speak up on their behalf. During the last six months of my father’s life, I spent countless hours in the emergency room, watching helpless people up close. Simply put: the lack of physicians, nurses and auxiliary workers leads to wait times that cost in human life.