Street to Cinema

Having received several rejections to my film production proposal from various Israeli film foundations, I decided to step into the arena and share the importance of my film with the public. Outfitted as though for an election, with flyers, a marketing clip, a faltering car and a ton of motivation, off I went. Every day I visited a different city, stood on street corners, handed out flyers to passersby, and explained the importance of my / our film to businesses. People gathered, listened attentively, shared their own emergency room experiences, and discussions sparked around this issue. It took 90 days, visiting dozens of places, meeting hundreds of people, moments of despair and tears, and moments of joy, but… I did it! I recruited the funds needed to produce the film.
We all believe in art, the Israeli film industry, the ability to enlighten and bring about change.
I met amazing people, I heard fascinating stories; the journey was long but so gratifying.
Eighty percent of the film was funded by your assistance and that of many others who I appreciate and thank with all my heart. The rest comes from film foundations which joined at the post-production stage.

A million thanks!