My name is REUT DAGBAR AGAMI and I live in Tirat Carmel, situated south of Haifa in Israel. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Media and I am studying for my Master’s Degree at the Tel Aviv University Department of Film and Television, at the Directing division.

I dedicate most of my time to writing, reading books especially books dealing with philosophy, research books and watching movies.

The fact that I grew up at a place which is socio-economically disadvantaged affects my work, both in choosing the protagonist and the themes that I explore and intend to carry on exploring in the future. My motivation to engage in cinema is for me, first and foremost, a social mission, and my main goal is to make social films that would shed light on issues that are suppressed from the public view.

I have thus far created a number of short films:
‘Suad’ (2007) – A film based on a true story, adopted from the book Sued is burnt alive. The difficult life story of a girl who was a victim of an honour-killing murder attempt.
‘Women in Discrimination’ (2009) – A film about male prostitution in Israel.
‘She’s Going and Won’t Return’ – A film about a woman falling into a severe depression, deciding therefore to leave her daughters and her partner towards the unknown – death (inspired by the life story of Sylvia Plath.)
‘Without A Name’ (2011) – A film about the financial crisis in Israel (created amidst a competition and won the first prize.) A penniless student tries to finance her studies with a scholarship, necessitating her to sponsor a child with learning disabilities. One time, as she walks with the girl she’s sponsoring, she runs into ultra-orthodox men, manning different junctions, asking for charity from the people passing by and decides to act following this encounter.
‘Plaited Braid’ (2013) – Yael, a teenager with ultra-orthodox parents, questions her belief in god following a family crisis, which leads her to confront her mother and delivering difficult questions to her.